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4TQ [fɔːtikjuː] Consult

The name of a company, you only chose it once. So it should better be first time right. Therefore a professional link to project management was required. Combined with a personal touch, one of the stronholds of this company. Taking both these aspects, 4TQConsult is a true bull's eye.


TQC are the first caharacters of 1 of the fundamentals of project management: The Triple Contraint. Within a project it is important to know how to handle these restrictions, the boundaries in which the project enfolds. the three important pillars are

  • Time: how fast must the project be deliverd
  • Quality (or scope): What level of detailing is required
  • Cost: what is the available budget

Those 3 pillars are in balance with each other. This can best be explained with some examples.

It is of the utmost importance to know how the triple constraint balances within your project.


Besides the professional aspect, there is also the personal touch. 4TQ Consult was founded when the CEO was 42 years of age. And this is the most important number in the universe. At least if you believe in The hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy, written by Douglas Adams. With a high level of self reflection, here is another quote of Douglas Adams. Appropriate to project management, not necessarily the way it is practised here …